In NEUREK S.L. BioBranch highest quality Central Nervous System (CNS) primary cells are obtained, cultured, and analysed by a specialized staff that accumulates more than 30 years of experience in CNS cell biology. In addition, cell lines of neural or other origins are used as alternative experimental paradigms.

Our primary CNS culture systems present major advantages:

- Being non clonal cells, the conclusions that can be obtained are physiologically relevant.

- They undergo a well-characterised pattern of differentiation in vitro, making them the best choice to study effects on differentiation.

- They are able to establish morphological and functional polarisation, wich make them ideally suited for distribution and gain/loss of function analyses.

Based on our expertise we offer detailed analyses of the effects triggered by any condition, reagent, or biomolecule in highly relevant cellular systems.

How it works:

Your Input: You will simply provide us with the reagents you are interested in testing.

Our Output: We will provide you an exhaustive report on the effects of your compounds in the cellular systems of you choice, and to the level of complexity you require, from cytotoxicity to most sophisticated synaptogenesis or myelination.

For cell types currently available, measured parameters, and service pack description, please download the following document: BioBranch.pdf

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